The Pain Management team has suggested a facet joint block be performed to treat your pain. This procedure will be completed at The Pain Treatment Center using fluoroscopy (low-dose X-ray). This allows the physician to visualize the precise area. The radiological technologist, nurse and physician will be present during the entire procedure. A facet block is indicated as a diagnostic procedure to prove that the pain origin is indeed the facet joints. If the facet block is effective, a long-term block may be offered. This procedure is performed either with local ansthesia or concious based on patient and or physician preference. If sedation is planned please follow sedation instructions and not eat 8 hours prior to procedure.
You will report to the Pain Treatment Center 30 minute prior to procedure. The nurse will complete a short assessment, you will be asked to change into suitable attire . The procedure will take about 15 to 30 minutes and is relatively painless. The effects can be immediate but may take up to a week before relief is noted.
Some patients will have transient soreness in the injection .You may have an increase in pain for a few days, Side effects are very rare but include skin infection and bruising.
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