Plasma Energy Discectomy is a treatment for herniated discs. Those who are a candidate for this procedure are selected based on certain criteria, and suffering from back and lumbar radicular pain. Patients who may benefit from discectomy include (1) those patients with persistent back and /or lumbar radicular pain with documented herniated discs with good response from epidural injections but without long term effect or reccurance of symptoms (2) patients that failed conservative therapy (3) those who have a positive findings on discogram. In case if concious sedation is provided by an anesthesiologist you are to remain nothing by mouth 8 hrs prior to the procedure. Medications may be taken with a sip of water up to three hours before your procedure. You will need an escort to drive you home. You will be positioned on your stomach. X ray pictures will be taken throught the procedure for precise placement of catheter into the disc. The procedure takes an average of one hour and after recovery of another hour you will be able to go home.
There is very little discomfort associated with the procedure and after the procedure since pressure from the hernioted or bulging disc is relieved many patient feel immediate relief. patient cal resume work or normal activity several days after the procedure. Since the procedure relieves pain medication other than those prior to the procedure a rarely requred. A specific physical therapy program will be prescribed for 12 weeks after procedure.
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