The Pain Management team has suggested a sacroiliac joint block be performed to treat your pain. When pressure is applied to this area pain is elicited. Sitting can aggravate this condition. Frequently patients report a constant achiness in that area.
This procedure will be completed at the Pain Treatment Center under flouro (low-dose X-ray) guidance. This will allow the physician to visualize the precise areas. Most often the procedure is performed under local anesthetic. The radiological technologist, nurse, and physician will be present during the entire procedure.
You will report to the Pain Treatment Center where a short assessment will be completed. Vital signs will be obtained. You will be positioned on the procedure table on your stomach. The nurse and technologist will assist you into position The physician will instill a local anesthetic once the areas are numb a small needle will be placed. Through the needle medications are injected. This will block the pain pathways and relieve your pain. The effects are rarely immediate and may take up to a week before relief is noted.
Side effects of this procedure are soreness at the injection sites. You may have an increase in pain for a few days. Complications are infection, bruising, or hematoma (blood leaking under the skin).
You will be asked to arrive some time prior to the procedure. The procedure time is appx 10 min. you will be under our care for about 45min.
To view a color brochure of the instructions for this procedure, click here.