The Pain Management team has suggested that trigger point injections be performed to treat your pain. These areas elicit intense pain when palpated. The clump of muscles can be “broken up” utilizing massage and local anesthetic. Most often the injections need to be repeated at two-four week intervals. If this proves successful a substance called Botox or Myobloc may be suggested. This can provide extended relief—appx 3 months.
The procedure is performed in the treatment room at the Pain Treatment Center. The nurse will assist you in the position that is most beneficial to both your self and the physician.
The physician will mark the areas to be injected (no more than five per visit). A spray that freezes the skin can be used to decrease the discomfort associated with the injection Marcaine and Kenalog are administered through a small needle. Once the area is numb the physician will massage the area to stop the spasm.
The area will be cleansed and adhesive bandages will be applied. You will be allowed to return to your normal level of activity.